One obvious area is money: the coins and ways of writing money amounts differ. That is why I love it so much. Software engineer 12. You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free. Chartered certified accountant 6. Math is American, maths must be British. Mathematics students will learn a broad range of skills including pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics whilst studying at a UK university. “Here in the UK we detest the use of American for peoples … within the US” – do we? Junior Emoji Puzzles Challenge your children to solve these great emoji-themed puzzles! In the US, you’d say “Please pick up your Legos.”. Is it commonwealthers who have this trouble? I like to drink in pub. “Wouldn’t it be right to say: As is British English. For what it’s worth, by the way, my 1956 Merriam-Webster dictionary refers to “British usage,” so that distinction well predates the era of political correctness. It’s seems like a sort of political correctness applied to language. Mathematics resources for children,parents and teachers to enrich learning. Perhaps you mean “fungi”? Often the solution to a problem will require you to think … Felicity Chevalier. Physic/physics isn’t a fair comparison. We can't claim that any of these abbreviated forms is right or wrong, because they are just shorter versions for the full noun ("mathematics"). StatisticianJobs where your degree would be useful include: 1. Investment analyst 9. I diagree with your main point too. It constrains the idea by making it singular. This tradition is no different today than at any other time. Also, in French, what we call Maths is called ‘Les Maths’; obviously the s is silent, but it’s abbreviated to a plural (from ‘Les mathématiques’ I believe). I also don’t see much point in using other words for comparison (economics, gymnastics, politics) because when *those* words are abbreviated, how many retain the ‘s’? Civil Service fast streamer 3. Debatable. The US has always strove to change history, ie, milliard now a billion, they won the war etc and surely this is surely them simply trying to put their stamp onto a borrowed language and calling it their own. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! Our Mentoring Scheme, Mathematical Circles and Summer Schools help young people to develop a love of mathematics. I work with mathematical equations, therefore I am doing math. And I am from Singapore. Should moose have an s at the end as well? @Cecily You’ll never catch me calling a truck a lorry or a shopping cart a buggy, but that’s ok and it just means we’ve all customized the language we speak to suit our needs. @All – Can anyone think of words that only exist as plurals which then get abbreviated – either as a singular or plural word? This seems very strange to me. Here in the UK we detest the use of American for peoples ( I use the plural as there are many races there ) within the US. The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge,England. But did you know the name actually has a strategic meaning behind it? Yet mathematics is about reasoning, it’s not a ‘thing’. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? An Introduction to Matlab. News to me. Further more, North America was initially populate by English (discovery and invasion aside), hence the war against England for Independence. The use of math in your example makes sense as an abbreviation of mathematics as a singular term. Examples of plural abbreviations without the s: We all rode our bike. “Math” is short for “Mathematics.” “Maths” would seem to be short for “Mathematicss.” Anyone with so limited a perspective that plural words must, by definition, end in the letter S in order to make sense needs to reevaluate their position. I’m fairly sure that when an s plural is abbreviated, it makes complete sense to include that final s to show it is a plural. econs? The English spoken in England today has no more claim on “seniority” than any other dialect does. We pursue excellence in all aspects of research, teaching and the communication of mathematics. a “programme of study”). It grates on my nerves. They are part of informal speech for which the only rule that counts is whether it “sounds right” at the time. The concept of Mathematics is broad and encompasses many different sub-disciplines, like Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra etc (note that they’re all singular…). 5 - 11. Our university rankings for Mathematics include Operational Research and Statistics. it seems to be a single use case scenario, where mathematics is somewhat unique in being an endless plural form with an s at the end where other examples (politics). Improve your grammar, vocabulary, and writing -- and it's FREE! Never have I ever seen Mathematics used in a singular fashion. Expand your children's Maths skills and have fun in the classroom with these great Maths games and puzzles. I am British (born and brought up in England) and I did a degree in Mathematics. Not that I am working with mathematicals or mathematicsal equations. Therefore Maths is correct. Financial manager 4. Speakers of British English, however, would always say “maths”, as in “I took a degree in maths”. So I say Maths and my girl friend who is American always gets upset when I say I had to look this up since she insists that I am wrong. The Addition Pack Download this bumper pack of resources to teach your … View. ”. Maths." What of the many other countries with the continent of America. Being brought up in British English, I always found it a bit weird that some said Math and some said Maths. (when referencing gymnastics, not buildings known as gymnasiums). How about fungus? These games have no violence, no empty action, just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you're getting a mental workout! We truly appreciate your support. Unfortunately, a casual reading of the interweb leads me to believe that maths is gaining ground at an alarming rate. Choosing a form will be partially influenced by your personal choice and logic, and partially by the region where you've learned to spell it. Maths in place of math makes it sound plural…. Main menu Search. On the contrary, the American language is extremely heavily influenced by many generations of immigrants. It sounds unnatural and very ‘American’ in a forced way. Mathematical Modeling I - preliminary. gyms? It’s like a ‘car park’ in the UK is a ‘parking garage’ in the States. If you ever got into contact with the word "mathematics", you have certainly also seen at least one of the nouns from the pair "math" and "maths". But are there any other words like math/maths, where one version of English has an “s” at the end of the word, and the other doesn’t? Also, it shouldn’t be that I am good at mathematics (math – being that I am an unruly American), because this seems to imply that you are good at all areas of mathematics/math. I was under the impression that both were colloquial, and “Mathematics” is the technical term. Math is incorrect. I personally delight in the differences. All cultures naturally evolve their own language or linguistic variant. I don’t say anywhere that plurals should end in an “s”. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Our Mathematical Challenges are the UK’s most popular school mathematics competitions. However, this is not universal. CAD technician 2. Do you excel in mathematics?”. . will get shortened to pol or pol. I’ve certainly never heard it EVER in America. Any attempt to assign a logical rule to abbreviations is going to be incorrect, or riddled with hundreds of exceptions.