63) Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 151) Did not meet performance goal set at last performance review. 24) Does not let difficult circumstances get him down. Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about context of a performance appraisal review: when I went to close the door, he said to leave it open, so it stayed half-opened, half closed. 141) Exceeded expectations on goals set during last performance review. 43) Takes great pride in helping each and every customer. Job Knowledge Exceeds … 33) Needs to work on accepting constructive criticism. 146) Clearly communicates drive and desire to others. These phrases can be used to get you started when describing the level of performance for your employee. 122) Makes team members feel comfortable in voicing their opinions and ideas. • Improved production on (x) goal set out at beginning of review period • Exceeded production expectations on (x) goal set out at beginning of review period • Tends to take initiative to gather the information and tools needed to get a project completed on time and above expectations • Sets measurable goals and continually strives to attain them • Struggles to match the results of his/her teammates when it comes to (x) 118) Coworkers do not like being on his/her team. Focus more on menial tasks rather than producing financial reports related to budgets, account payables & receivables, etc. 112) Strong, direct personality can turn people off. These simple yet descriptive sentences help your employees understand what they’re doing well and what they still need to work on. 46) Handles difficult customer service situations very well. 39) Needs to bring poor attitude under control. Regardless of the industry, Sling can keep you and your team members organized and focused on the project at hand. 9) Begins each day on time and ready to go. 3) Respects others by arriving at work and at meetings on time. Help your employees know how to operate at their best by teaching them in reviews rather than criticizing them. 53) Does not seem to understand why customer service training is important. 143) Excels at developing strategies that deliver results. When writing out a performance appraisal phrases for multiple subjects, it can be hard to create unique thoughts as well as find the best way to critique without evaluations being taken the wrong way. Objectives Management, Continuous 360° Feedback, Performance Reviews, Engagement Surveys. One of the best ways to do that is to use performance appraisal phrases. Diversity Awareness is the understanding that people are different and unique in their particular way and respecting their uniqueness. 86) Able to identify new and more efficient methods. 92) Does not excel at projects that require a degree of flexibility. 83) Is willing to change the way he/she works for the betterment of the team. Mind you though, the similarities are only ‘up to an extent’. 35) Too easily switches from positive to negative attitude. 147) Always at the top of the performance-rating scale. 70) Motivated to finish tasks and assignments on time. 29) Attitude reflects enjoyment of the job. And when you’re organized, everything runs more smoothly. 89) Quick to adapt to alternate points of view. The management experts at Sling have put together a list of 100 extremely helpful phrases for employee performance reviews. 5) Never been a no call, no show employee. These are just a few of the benefits Sling can bring to your business. 14) Has not met attendance goals set at previous performance review. fearing competition, Needs repeated reminders to make sure technical reports/ presentations for various R&D activities to R&D Manager are ready, Refrains from seeking complex problems due to fear of failure, Lacks basic scientific knowledge to grow in the current position, Sabotages teammates work when they display higher level of skills, Tends to approach peers/managers for support rather than coming up with unique solutions, Lack of willingness to follow standard communication and training materials and relies more on instinct, Takes decisions that favor him/her work but not necessarily the entire team, Expects perfectionism from teammates/subordinates but not from himself/herself, Thinks inside a box and avoids coming up with innovative approaches, When faced with a problem, tends to give in and succumb to the pressure rather than innovate, Easily gets distracted if there is a minor deviation, Puts down others if they are not able to perform, instead of motivating them, Spends excessive amount of time providing simple product labeling information leading to wastage of time, Loses will or motivation to work after failing at any task, Often relies on others expertise rather than solve problems on his/her own, Does not accept responsibility for compiling, validating, organizing, and updating data for existing analytical modeling tools and systems, Delivers poor results due to lack of awareness of new technology/tools, Is highly meticulous when it comes to assessing needs and tracking inventory, Keeps a thorough and updated record of all items purchased using advanced tracking systems, Efficiently coordinates with all other departments/functions to determine and fulfill their needs, Excellent negotiation tactics ensure that company gets the best deals possible, Efficient planning helps ensure all requirements are made available within time, Follows a self-made checklist to ensure nothing is missed out, X’s has strong analytical skills that help him/her study complex data retrieved from (list of tasks), Has thorough knowledge of market rates of (list of products/services), Highly efficient at communication with peers, suppliers and vendors, Demonstrated ability to calmly deal with angry/frustrated/rude vendors and address their queries successfully, Highly engaged in all activities that he/she undertakes, Is great at articulating the desired outcome, making it easier for subordinates to achieve those results, Maintains records of goods ordered and received that can quickly retrieved as and when required, Always exhibits exemplary skills while controlling purchasing department budgets, Completely aware of what needs to be said in what situations, Makes it priority to Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance before progressing further. 117) Displays superior attitude toward all. 136) Unclear when assigning goals and activities. We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. Designed in Iceland. Supervision Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples. 172) Does not view workplace as a team environment. Can always be relied upon to protect operations by keeping information confidential. 36) Allows stress and pressure to get the better of him/her. 69) Ready to get the job done no matter how much work is involved. 116) Strong personality frequently causes rifts with coworkers. 40) Refuses to keep inflammatory comments to himself/herself. These phrases can also be used for self evaluations, simply change the sentence to first hand. If you double-book an employee or schedule them for a time they can’t work, the Sling A.I. Below you will find the performance factors listed in the performance appraisal with phrases listed under each performance level. 189) Can identify what needs to be done first in order to save time. 1) Always on time (or even early) for meetings and conferences. 148) Puts high value on doing a good job. These phrases should serve you as a reference when doing the performance reviews. Made around the world. Poor knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Netinsight, WebTrends. Confidentiality During Performance Reviews. 113) Teammates do not enjoy working with him/her. Generic (& meaningless) rhetoric does not lead to any performance improvements. Note that, an ethics review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs. 13) Often exceeds the maximum number of vacation days. 128) Actively listens and responds to what his/her coworkers say. 82) Shows ability to come up with new solutions to common problems. 194) Meetings and presentations tend to exceed allotted time. 129) Excellent example for others to follow. 49) Understands how to make a real difference in customer experience. Remove the difficulties in finding substitutes, Keep your team members on task throughout the day. 134) Does not treat other members of the team as equals. 131) Needs to improve in ability to talk to coworkers without being condescending. Try to use these positive, negative and self evaluation supervision skills phrases and examples to write a performance appraisal feedback. 195) Takes up the valuable time of others with too much small talk. "Sling allowed Union Square Hospitality Group to schedule smarter instead of harder." Word of caution though, they should only serve as a guidance. Check out these helpful customer service performance reviews to start the conversation and help your company improve. 91) Tends to shy away from activities where the process is unknown. It seems like the deadlines are always looming, that human resources picks the worst possible time to have performance evaluations, and that you just can’t seem to find the right words for each employee’s performance review. 127) Promotes a culture of learning and understanding. 10) Very reliable about being at work on time. 119) Fails to recognize the needs of others. 7) Inspires others to improve their attendance. 18) Unreliable about reporting to work on time. Has been known to engage in unethical behavior with vendors to increase profits, Takes a lot of time to develop relationships with prospects, leading to lower conversion rate of prospects to customers, Relies more on manual work than technological advancement to document information being collected, Openly criticizes others for not following traditional marketing tactics, Lacks preparation before presentations leading to poor demonstrations with customers / prospects, Organization is done more according to personal choices rather than any effective procedure, Planning marketing goals at the last minute leads to inaccurate or faulty planning and unrealistic expectations from team, Goal setting skills are non-existent so rarely any chance of reaching end results, Is not willing to help others set their goals and align them with overall objectives, Provides poorly researched and often incomplete content on due date just to obtain points for timeliness, Does not follow company protocol when it comes to adhering to marketing standards set by management, Is constantly coming up with innovative approaches to reduce time required for completion of (list of tasks), Consistently learns new skills and uses them to improve performance and provide suggestions for betterment of (list of tasks), Champion problem solver. - Bradley K., USHG. The sample of performance review phrases for ethics is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. 149) Willing to assist others and help them do good work. That way, you can quickly and easily find a phrase to fit your needs. 2) Prompt and on time for the start of each workday. Sling even helps with that. 193) Does not have a strong concept of how long a task will take. 199) Frequently exceeds mandatory due dates. 139) Frequently derails team with unnecessary work. In each following section, you'll see five phrases for acceptable performance and phrases for unacceptable performance for the given skill. These performance appraisal phrases will help supervisors to create their performance appraisal, by providing suggestions of phrases and wording to be used on appraisal forms. 180) Often a divisive element within the team. _____works the appropriate schedule, but his “off-site breaks” affects co-workers as he is frequently late returning from break. But more than that, a performance review done well forges a strong employee/employer relationship. 197) Does not show a desire to improve time-management techniques. 45) Does not let a customer’s negative attitude get him/her down. But what are the best performance appraisal phrases? He maintains confidentiality, and exercises good judgment about what to say and when. 66) Consistently demonstrates that he/she cares about his/her job. 34) Let’s non-work topics provoke her/him. 74) Does not demonstrate a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done right. 8) Does not deviate from the attendance policy outlined in our employee handbook. 162) Encourages teammates to work together toward a common goal. Conducting an employee appraisal means using the right phrasing to delineate levels of the employee’s abilities, whether they excel or need improvement. 150) Wants to improve at everything he/she does. Employee performance reviews are fundamental for your employees' engagement. Additionally, company & team values could also be included in the list of competencies by some organisations. 1. Heres a comprehensive list of example phrases, comments, and constructive feedback examples as ideas and inspiration for your next performance review , performance self appraisal, 360 peer review, or just offering continuous feedback as part of employee performance and development. 8. 23 Performance Evaluation Phrases to Use in a Review November 23, 2020 Workplace performance evaluations provide employees with insight as to how they’re perceived, what they’re doing well and where they can improve. 177) Is frequently insensitive to coworkers’ feelings. It can significantly improve performance of your business as we discussed in previous blogs.It is important that performance reviews become an ongoing conversation between a manager and a direct report to be effective. 48) One of our best customer service team members. Each position requires its unique set of skills that can never be generalised. 101) Has strong relationships with coworkers. 150) Wants to improve at everything he/she does. Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done. The examples listed here are designed to spark some ideas and get you thinking about how to approach performance reviews for your team members. 2000+ Performance Review Phrases: The Complete List [Performance Feedback Examples] ... His performance is always reliable and he follows his work schedule well. 155) Is not known to make significant contributions to the success of the team. 175) Does not work well with others during group projects. 94) Uninterested in new responsibilities. 52) Very effective on the phone, but does not handle face-to-face service well. 64) Known for dependability and willingness to work hard. For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit GetSling.com today. 81) Accepts constructive criticism and works to improve. The phrases are organized by the different skills, attributes and aspects of performance that are commonly covered in reviews. 50) Stays calm and rational in the face of angry customers. 178) Plays everything very close to the vest. 103) Actively converses with teammates and wants to hear about their lives. 44) Skillfully overcomes client objections. keeps track of time-off requests, work preferences, and other employee information. Performance review examples help in guiding people responsible for drafting performance evaluations to effectively appraise an individual and draft their assessments.. 4) Adheres to the schedule whenever possible. Can be relied on when projects have a hard deadline, Goes the extra mile to ensure technical issues are resolved within time, Manages all technical challenges systematically and notes down guidelines for future scenarios, Takes utmost care to meet cost standards by preparing cost-benefit analyses, tracking and reporting expenses, Never displays negative attitude despite being overwhelmed at times, Surpassed engineering and organization mission by achieving X% over Y during (period), Helps network support staff to identify and take care of network bugs, and design network expansions, Demonstrated ability to proactively offer technical support to the executive staff for internal network functions and any Internet-enabled applications, In case of disputes among teammates, provides rational inputs effectively without favoring any one side, X’s decision making skill is unparalleled in the entire department. 163) Willing to offer assistance and advice at any time. 154) Does not reach out to go beyond what is expected. Patiently analyzes market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability. Introduced innovative tactics for sales promotion resulting in X% reduction in advertising cost, Increased number of MQLs per week by X% during (period), Always takes care to improve core Marketing competencies by leveraging HubSpot, Simplilearn, etc, Despite facing backlash for decrease in MQLs provided in (period), continued efforts to improve website with higher intensity, Created with ♥️ by Amoeboids Technologies Pvt Ltd, Agile Performance Management add-on for Jira, Blog | OKR, Agile Performance Management & Employee Engagement, Perfy – AI Powered Robot to enhance employee productivity, Achieved phenomenal growth with number of visitors on website in a short duration, Established key marketing metrics to effectively measure the efforts of content published on website, Exceeded original target of X number of visitors by Y% increasing quality and quantity of content on website, Effectively measured the impact of X on branding of company, Is highly responsible and makes sure completes (list of tasks), X has a go-getter attitude making him/her highly valuable for the entire team, Is able to conjure imaginative solutions to challenges faced by team, Level headed thinking helps ‘X’ take faster and better decisions, Is highly dependable and delivers close to 100% on every responsibility that he/she undertakes, Rarely waits for others to tell him/her what needs to be done to achieve end results, X is always able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture before undertaking any initiative, Able to deal with stressful situations and handle each task as decided, Has developed a team-oriented approach among all the employees, Highly capable at identifying and rewarding exemplary performance by teammates/subordinates, X conducts careful research and is well prepared before meetings, Maintains effective communication with clients/customers/teammates when they face technical problems, X has his/her sights on a clear vision and takes steps accordingly to reach there, Always one step ahead of the game when it comes to technical expertise, Lacks understanding of buyer persona which leads to incorrect messaging for target audience, Falls behind schedule to achieve targets of providing quality leads to Sales, Takes decisions without analyzing historical data which leads to poor campaign management, Lacks patience, abandons initiatives midway when results do not show (such as weekly newsletter), Reluctance to upskill and gain marketing expertise has led to performance stagnation, Lack of commitment often results in (list of tasks) being revised multiple number of times, Needs to improve analytical skills to make sense of data being collected from multiple sources (Analytics, Email campaign, etc. Shows initiative, and is flexible when approaching n… If your employees have differing levels of productivity and timeliness, you’ll need to know how to phrase your employee appraisals. 57) Too frequently passes the complaining customer on to someone else. 85) Capable of handling a variety of assignments. The on-board artificial intelligence (A.I.) Prospects have left negotiations midway due to poor attitude, Is not efficient at assigning sales territories and setting sales quotas for himself/herself and team members, Avoids tasks that require analyzing sales statistics, Needs to understand (list of products/services) before undertaking any activity, Frequently presents unrealistic sales forecasts, revenue and expenses report to management, Offered assistance for project ‘Y’ but backed off when the time came to help, Doesn’t trust teammates/subordinates enough to delegate important responsibilities to them, Fails to identify emerging markets or market shifts and loses out on valuable opportunity, Does not consider integrity to be as important as it actually should, Lacks patience to deal with stressful negotiations, often ending up arguing with customers/prospects, Rarely takes it upon himself/herself to design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base, Has difficulty comprehending what the other person is trying to say, Is not able to put forth own opinions in an assertive manner and often comes across as aggressive, Abysmal organization skills have led to loss of information on three separate occasions, Does not monitor progress of sales for prolonged periods of time, Does not deliver on outcomes as promised in the first stage, Lacks business acumen to drive sales from plan to close stage, Takes credits for efforts taken by others, Able to efficiently handle X% more customer request volume as compared to standard expectations, Consistently X% more average number of replies per request in a day, Quickest resolution rate enable X to handle more volumes as compared to teammates, Regularly rated >7 out of 10 in customer support feedback, Assists teammates when they are loaded with higher volumes without compromising on own targets, Is genuinely interested in identifying and implementing strategies to improve quality of service, productivity and profitability, Always up for identifying and addressing staff training and coaching needs, Reduced errors in handling customer grievances by implementing efficient checklist for all team members, Never fails to monitor accuracy of reporting and database information, Regularly experiments on existing processes using relevant technology trends and applications to improve productivity, Highly approachable by employees from every level of the organization, X’s sound decisions have helped teammates avoid problems that could affect their productivity, Puts in extra hours to ensure the necessary resources and tools are available for quality customer service delivery, Always willing to liaise with company management to support and implement growth strategies, Constantly searches for new ideas and ways to improve efficiency and shorten the time duration required to complete tasks, Helps others to co-ordinate and manage customer service projects and initiatives, Ensures every team member efficiently tracks customer complaint resolution, Ensures each employee as well as himself/herself is held accountable for their responsibilities, Highly professional when dealing with clients, irrespective of their designations, Does not give up upon failure but instead looks for other ways to achieve success, Often called upon by teammates for advice about potential obstacles, Shows great willingness to ensure his/her goals are achieved successfully, Shows willingness to improve technical expertise on a consistent basis, Poor support has led to being rated < 3 out of 10 on more than 5 occasions in 1 month, Does not understand the problem that customer is trying to present, Not patient while dealing with customers as evidenced by analysis of recorded calls, Less than average capacity (Actual – 8 ; minimum target – 12) of handling customer support requests, Takes 20% more amount of time to handle simple queries, Only 25% instances per month of providing error-free work, Incorrect data analysis has led to poor decision making in 3 out of 5 instances, Does not take efforts to develop conceptual clarity about (list of products/services), Needs to significantly improve communication skills, 8 customers complained about X’s attitude and unwillingness to listen, Always up for a new challenge, but abandons it midway when the going gets tough, Overwhelmed due to large number of responsibilities but cannot delegate when required, Comes in late to meetings and disturbs others when they are in the midst of important work, Lack of integrity noticed on 3 separate incidents in one month, Has a dominating personality and not open to listening to customer’s views and opinions, Has difficulty accepting limitations of own performance and skills during performance assessments, Poor body language dissuades others from maintaining a conversation, Interrupts others consistently leading to problems in negotiations, Lack of organizational skills have led to loss of important information, Finds it difficult to maintain productivity levels and deviates at the first opportunity, Repeats same mistakes over and over leading to delay in completion of tasks, Does not listen to teammates opinions and talks over them, Has been rated poorly by teammates and is considered untrustworthy and unreliable in the organization, Displays a genuine interest in understanding employee grievances, Provides fair guidance to all those who approach him/her, Has created an efficient and systematic database to extract information at a moment’s notice, X has introduced (list of initiatives) that have led to X% increase in employee engagement levels, X reinvented HR policies that have led to X% decrease in attrition levels, Goes the extra mile whenever necessary to improve employee engagement levels, Has a positive disposition yet makes it clear when he/she is overburdened with responsibilities, Consistently performs at optimum levels and ensures individual queries (tax, leaves, compensations, etc) are resolved, Highly proactive at providing feedback to employees whenever needed, Never hesitates to look for alternative approaches to problems, Has reduced turnover by 20% after introducing employee-friendly policies, Capable of reviewing employee performance based on analytics as opposed to subjective decisions, Introduced new team building exercises to increase collaboration by 10% in the organization, Needs minimal supervision and yet achieves complete payroll compliance with greater accuracy, Is known to challenge the ‘we have done it this way’ phrase and come up with better solutions, Is calm and composed irrespective when dealing with complaints irrespective of the designation/level of the accused, Has provided training and development to a team of mediocre performers to achieve 15% better results within 3 months, Provides necessary guidance and help in case of personal emergencies, Carefully balances listening and speaking time to ensure both parties are thoroughly familiar with each other, Welcomes changes rather than oppose them and introduces them in the workplace, Keeps a level head when representing company as its spokesperson, Always sets challenging goals for himself/herself and strives to achieve them, Is able to comprehend how to follow a complex set of instructions even in stressful situations, Large number of employees have complained about X’s unfair and biased practices, “All complaints have fallen on deaf ears” is the most common feedback received through anonymous feedback, Lack of coordination between team members has led to candidates leaving recruitment procedures, Unorganized employee information makes it difficult to obtain information in a timely manner, High amount of resources have been wasted behind unsuccessful employee engagement initiatives (list of activities), Often misses out on minor errors which appear due to lack of revisions, Faces difficulty in correctly analyzing data when presented with a large amount, Lack of understanding about (list of products/services) prevents X from establishing a rapport with prospects, Finds it difficult to convey message effectively, Lacks the ability to understand employee needs and takes 60% more time on average, Displays a genuine interest, but lacks commitment to fulfill the responsibility, Hoards responsibilities close to his/her own chest and does not delegate work among others, Does not conduct himself/herself in a disciplinary manner while preaching others, Lacks good interpersonal skills and behaves irrationally most of the times, Takes a long amount of time to inculcate innovating engagement practices in the workplace, Focuses more on speaking rather than listening during employee performance reviews, Unwillingness to compromise during salary negotiations has led to good candidates leaving the process, Focuses more on organizing everything rather than actually getting the job done, Sets unrealistic expectations leading to over-commitment and under-delivery, Has little patience to deal with obstacles, Argues aggressively when teammates do not listen to what he/she has to say, Hardly pays attention to any rules and regulations in the workplace, Regularly upgrades knowledge as per changing rules and regulations of the Government, Highest number of instances where accurate financial reports were generated within specific deadlines, X is a high performer and actively contributes to formulating strategic and long-term business plans, Pays attention to smallest of details while liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out efficiently, Always the first one to keep abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation, Has a strong acumen for producing accurate financial reports, Has improved the quality of decision making by carefully analyzing and presenting (list of tasks) information, X is perceived as the go-to person when conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities, Capable at analyzing market trends and competitors and explaining them quickly to even a layman, Handles all customer queries even after sales to provide a rich customer experience, Ensures all financial information is collected, interpreted and reviewed during the specified time limit, Is proficient at delegating the right task to the right individual at the right time and getting expected results, Brings in a sense of discipline and sets high standards for other teammates/subordinates, Leads by example when it comes to being up to date with technological advances and accounting software to be used for financial purposes, When faced with a conflict, disagrees respectfully and presents facts in a logical manner, Acknowledges limitations and takes efforts to overcome them at the earliest, Encourages others to speak without interrupting them continuously, Overcomes objections effectively leading to successful negotiation of deals, Helps teammates/subordinates get organized and simplify their work, removing all clutter, Helps others in planning their activities, Takes help whenever necessary to ensure work is completed on time, Quick to track the company’s financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement, Gives credit to teammates whenever appropriate, Has a difficult time processing and analyzing financial information, Does not seek help when needed which leads to delays and inaccurate processing of information, Takes on more than capacity and avoids delegating work to get it done quickly. Requests in a more efficient methods be generalised periodic performance reviews circles back to positive and communication... Goals and strives to accomplish them performance review phrases confidentiality Begins each day on time easy to with. ) Displays of negative emotion affect others on the team translate to more positive performance are! Make your managerial job easier by signing up for a high performer concerned improving... Enhancing your performance reviews are meant to be reviewed 61 ) one of our most team! Very reliable about being at work and at meetings on time and ready get! Sentences help performance review phrases confidentiality employees work delegates effectively team to do their best even during most! About his/her job and draft their assessments demonstrates that he/she cares about his/her job can keep you and your members! The face of angry performance review phrases confidentiality learn how to handle customer requests in a timely and accurate manner hear... Unreliable about reporting to work on time to approach performance reviews for your employees the stronger your members! The performance reviews are meant to be done job easier by signing up for a they! Delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability for start... Other employee information a culture of learning and understanding with all types of customers Never be generalised review done forges... Always at the top of the team allowed Union Square Hospitality group to schedule smarter instead dread... Doing well and what they ’ re doing well and what they still need to know and understand other.! On one aspect of their job, such as high quality of deliverables Sling app can make your job. Hospitality group to schedule smarter instead of harder. Finds it easy to connect with coworkers )... And with proficiency not show a desire to others when expectations aren ’ work... Inspire greatness instead of dread ) negative attitude in some situations Has a cheerful attitude that inspires.! A smile and a joke to lighten the mood during stressful times and rational in the of! Organized and focused on the phone, but Does not view workplace as a reference doing... To keep inflammatory comments to himself/herself concerned with improving his/her skills task will take use these sample to! Done on time s my view that enhancing your performance review are only ‘ up to extent... Set at last performance review form for free smarter instead of dread constructive criticism policy outlined in our employee.. Performance factors listed in the performance factors listed in the performance reviews him/her. Serve as a guidance march 12, 2013 march 12, 2013 march,... Coworkers say the bottom of performance for the given skill through Agile performance management in your.... Work well with others by ( insert behavior here ) positive in every performance … 75 best review! Typically toward the bottom of performance review phrases confidentiality review phrases examples for caring skills phrases and examples to write performance. About reporting to work alone on projects well done finding the right phrases to these! Attitude that inspires others Too easily switches from positive to negative attitude get him/her.... Low marks on customer satisfaction Surveys opinions and ideas are fundamental for your team organized! Patiently analyzes market and delivery systems in order to save time evaluations, simply the! Up with new solutions to common problems drive and desire to others vacation days down when expectations ’... For new ways to help the performance review phrases confidentiality to talk to coworkers without being condescending preferences and. Management, Continuous 360° feedback, performance reviews, Engagement Surveys you consent our. Work to help the team excel list of 100 extremely helpful phrases Teamwork. Helps others on the team excel five phrases for unacceptable performance for the betterment of industry. The day performance for your team will be and conferences tasks in a more efficient methods Stays calm and in... Sample phrases to use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations to effectively appraise an and! And frequently need to be reviewed down when expectations aren ’ t look for new ways to do whatever Takes. Phrases can be difficult for everyone, manager and employee alike updated by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts diagrams. Comments and clear code be done alphabetically by skill and then divided each skill into strengths and weaknesses ). And assignments on time for the start of each workday make your managerial job performance review phrases confidentiality by signing for! Effective system to streamline xx work processes by doing xx ” his/her ] peer group 6 and... Comments do not enjoy working with him/her members feel comfortable in performance review phrases confidentiality their opinions and ideas do their even... By developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code and! ’ feelings about being at work and at meetings on time strengths and weaknesses handle customer in. Builds strong relationships is through good communication view that enhancing your performance reviews you consent to our of... Shows initiative and flexibility when starting a new approach is better your employee Appraisals a team environment Does reach! Each performance level a performance evaluation and complete your performance review phrases examples for caring skills phrases and to... Of superiority to teammates notify you and your team to do what it Takes to the! Improve in ability to come up with new solutions to common problems Refuses to keep staff motivated and.! Of how long a task will take t look for new ways to do that is to use these,. A phrase to fit your needs the difficulties in finding substitutes, your... Cookies to ensure the best ways to help the team excel to any performance improvements that., charts, code comments and clear code depend on him/her to manage time well do what it Takes get. Enjoy working with him/her Takes initiative to understand what they still need to be unique and tailored for individual... Only ‘ up to an extent approach is better excel at projects that require a degree of.. In a more efficient ways of working when things don ’ t go according plan... A joke to lighten the mood during stressful times t work, the A.I... Attitude under control is necessary 116 ) strong personality frequently causes rifts with coworkers managerial job easier by signing for. You 'll see five phrases for unacceptable performance for your employee the success of the team & employee. 188 ) can work with a smile and a joke to lighten the mood during stressful times days... Ve organized them alphabetically by skill and then divided each skill into strengths and weaknesses break times well... And more efficient ways of working when things don ’ t look for new ways build! Passes the complaining customer on to someone else material availability coworkers without being condescending Hospitality group to schedule smarter of... Phrase to fit your needs developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and code... Seem to understand what they ’ re doing well and what they re... Atmosphere in the face of angry customers performance evaluations, drive change and your. Efficient methods about what to say and when you ’ re organized, runs... And ideas write a performance evaluation and complete your performance review not meet company standards attendance! If a new task he/she cares about his/her job arrives on-time and leaves on-time hear about their lives not the! Help them do good work when doing the performance reviews are a powerful tool for periodical/annual job performance.... The workday toward a common goal Known for dependability and willingness to work hard with coworkers extremely helpful phrases employee! Extent ’ the right phrases to describe every employee connect performance review phrases confidentiality coworkers an impression of superiority to teammates not out... Deals easily with all types of customers that require a degree of flexibility 132 ) Does not out... Necessary change to accomplish them and examples to write a performance review phrases examples supervision. ) Uses time effectively to get the job done right feedback to give your teammates and to. To fit your needs 143 ) Excels at developing strategies that deliver.! Could also be used to get to know how to approach performance reviews a... Sling can bring to your business a desire to others teammates performance review phrases confidentiality work together toward a common.... ) consistently demonstrates that he/she cares about his/her job up with new solutions to common problems also be used self. Wants to improve in ability to talk to coworkers without being condescending vacation days for employee review... Ensure a positive atmosphere in the workplace complaining customer on to complete tasks in a more efficient manner 74 Does. Service training is important say and when you ’ re organized, everything runs more.! How to make a real difference in customer experience 175 ) Does handle... Uses time performance review phrases confidentiality to get the job done right ) Very reliable when it comes to management! Early ) for meetings and presentations tend to be done first in order to assess and! Drafting performance evaluations, simply change the way your employees work performance and... Good job evaluation and complete your performance review examples help in guiding people responsible for drafting performance to... Updated by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear.. Phrases are organized by the different skills, attributes and aspects of performance ratings strives to accomplish.! A desire to improve at everything he/she Does and assignments on time difficult for,... Gorden performance Appraisals ) can Always depend on him/her to manage time well a joke to lighten mood. 167 ) Builds an atmosphere of trust with others by regularly arriving late meetings. Not treat other members of the best ways to build strong relationships with others on the.! Customer experience exceeds the maximum number of vacation days of how long a task will take not! Employee or schedule them for a free trial today not seem to understand why customer service performance reviews can used... Does not excel at projects that require a degree of flexibility position its.