This is comparatively new, and perhaps still not a very common phase in the Data Life Cycle. “Life History” is used to describe the phases of growth in an organism like a butterfly, but again data is different. Derivation by deductive logic is not part of this – that occurs in Data Maintenance. the way in which credit scores are created. Processing – It is the stage where the data is subjected to multiple means and methods of technical exploitations using artificial intelligence algorithms to produce an idea of the data. The data is processed again and again until the accurate result is achieved. Image ⦁ Input − In this step, the input data is prepared in some convenient form for processing. Data Archival is the copying of data to an environment where it is stored in case it is needed again in an active production environment, and the removal of this data from all active production environments. DATA PROCESSING procedure or operation wherein data are manipulated to produce the required information needed. Data Governance may be need to assist in deciding how incorrect data that has been sent out of the enterprise will be dealt with. As already we have discussed the sources of data collection, the logically related data is collected from the different sources, different format, different types like from XML, CSV file, social media, images that is what structured or unstructured data and so all. It is the arena of analytics that uses modeling, such as is found in risk modeling, actuarial modeling, and modeling for investment decisions. This is Data Usage, which can be defined as the application of data as information to tasks that the enterprise needs to run and manage itself. Software _____ consists of the instructions that direct the operation of the computer system and enable users to perform specific tasks, such as word processing. If you Google “Data Life Cycle” you will not find anything that clearly describes it. Before computers, it was done by simple machine like calculators. Answer (1 of 2): A data processing cycle is the process of inputting information (or data) into a computer system to convert it into useful information. 1. Data processing cycle consists of – - 4336771 1. Once data has been sent outside the enterprise it is de facto impossible to recall it. Data processing consists of following 6 stages − Collection. The first part of this is to archive the data value. - Output is data that has been processed into a useful form, called information. For example, output data may be pay-checks for employees. What has been described here are phases with logical dependencies, not actual data flows. What phases would it pass though? ⦁ Processing − In this step, the input data is changed to produce data in a more useful form. Next, it reaches a point where it is used in support of the enterprise. What Data Maintenance is about is processing the data without yet deriving any value from it for the enterprise. Usually, data processing activity involves three basic activities. The process may be build up of multiple connections of execution that relatively executes instructions, depending upon the type of the data. Information is processed data. … Data Processing Cycle